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Rockin' in the USA!!
Mykoman & Sabastian Bach
Mykoman, JoyZ, Gene Simmons
"It's About Time" on CD Baby
Mykoman the Drummer
Zakk Wylde & Mykoman
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Mykoman on Fire!
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....  Indie Artist that approaches his song writing with a high regard for "Staying True To The Song" not being any specific genre; his  approach make's a refreshing alternative to the sterotypcal  " cookie cutter"  prevalent in much of today's music.

While an accomplished songwriter , vocalist , drummer and producer he has been inspired by  many musicial influence's that have lead him to record two CD's , released in 2013 and 2014. 

Originally from Raleigh North Carolina , Mykoman has lived in numerous location's such as Reno, Navada and Maui, Hawii,  just to name a few. Now, settling in Northeast Ohio with his wife Joyce.

Mykoman's current release  "Changing  Minute's "  is a follow up to his debut CD " It's About Time "   

Two song's , "Time"  from the debut release, and "Alley Kat"  from "CHANGING MINUTE'S"  are currently under License Agreement's  to be shopped for TV, Film , etc. 

He has been featured on many top ten charts on a  Songwriter's  publisher's site   

Winning Song of the Month with his song "Halo" in August 2013. Most recently MYKOMAN was chosen for April Featured Artist at 

To add to his very exciting path , Mykoman recently signed with Sam David International , a world class management organization located in Las Vegas, Nevada.  With this noteworthy exposure it is only a matter of time before Mykoman become's known for his catchy material and his Solid Live Performance's.

His band feature's are quality musician's that also played on his CD realease's, providing a tight , cohesive unit that is ready for adventure and the faces of an enthusiastic crowd.


Quote from Mr. Joe Vitale, co-writer of the Joe Walsh tune " Rocky Mountian Way" and many other's.

Joe Vitale has been a part of   The Eagles , Dan Foleberg , Ted Nugent, Zakk Wylde and numerous other Great Music Artist.

" I met  Mykoman about 10 month's ago. We're both from Northeast Ohio, so I was well aware of his musicial connection with our community. What, I did'nt know about him, I soon learned. After discussion's about working together in an Artist / Producer relationship, I got to know the real Mykoman. I saw the incredible passion he has for the art... the depth of  "Heart and Soul" that he pour's into every measure of his music, and simply the pure love he has for performing!

He is not Jade... he work's very hard, stay's focused and energized on every aspect of his musical career. We presently are still working as producer / artist , but are now good friend's as well.

In only 10 month's, we have finished over 16 mastered and releasded MYKOMAN's first EP " It's About Time"

Already Mykoman is getting national attention on the title cut " Time " we've gotten alot done in the past 10 month's, but , there's more to do and his Train is on a Roll! We are hoping Everyone jumps aboard"!!

Joe Vitale


 At the age of 16 Michael ( Mykoman ) Lawrence , quit High School , moved to Hawii and worked in a pineapple cannery , before decideing that he wanted to do something different and joined the Army!

After passing a GED test , he settled into 3 year's of Service, that lead to playing alot of racquetball and attempting to grow his hair beyond the requirement's. 

It would be accurate to say that there Is an absolut hint of rebellion in him that has been reflected throughout his life.

After his stint in the military, Michael focused his direction on playing his music and intially acquired the stage name Myko, while touring with a fine Rock'n Bluesman name MoJo .... get it?? ... Myko/MoJo!

The name stuck, and evolved into the Artist currently known today , as MykoMan.

Not only did Michael follow a different path , but many time's was forced to make his own. Constantly striving to live each moment to the fullest, it has become apparent through his lyric's that MYKOMAN see's thing's through a different set of eye's. "Music is to be enjoyed and to serve us with what we need in that moment" .. whether it's a simple melody or a driving message in a song.  MYKOMAN make's it come to life with own style of music and excellent stage performance's. Simply put , he's different, and with his easy going approach to life it make's him enjoyable to be around.  We are confident that you will appreciate the experience and the expression's of MykoMan .. so, come on along and Jump on The MykoMan express!! 









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